21 Knowledgeable SEO's Share Their Finest Tips

Here at Prosperity Media it is always great to ask others in the same industry what their top tip for 2018 when it comes to Online Marketing. We asked a range of global and local SEO's the following question: What is your TOP SEO or Link Building tip?We had 21 Knowledgeable SEO's share their thoughts below:  Jon CooperTry to obtain some type of competitive advanta... Read More

Building a $64,000 Affiliate Business in 7 months using Organic Search

Since April this year we have been working with a client in a competitive vertical in the Australian market where they wanted to set up a new website and brand in a market. The business was already established in several other markets and they had the budget to move into this specific niche. For commercial reasons we can not mention the name of the business or the URL yet we ca... Read More

10 Highly Effective Growth Hacking Tips

As I have been in online marketing/ SEO for over 8 years most of the growth hacking tips do factor into lead gen, SEO, digital, content, CRO ect so the main aim is to drive more traffic to your startup or online business.I decided to write a quick post to show some decent tips from these events, which you can adapt to your online business or start up today.1. If you onl... Read More

SEO Move From HTTP to HTTPS 39% increase in Organic Traffic.

Recently at SMX Advanced in Sydney the question was raised:Is it safe to move my site from HTTP to HTTPS?Now around 3 months ago a client asked this exact question and after searching for similar case studies online we could not find many positive examples of this move taking place.One site which had some information on this move was Yoast, this is an updated version of a... Read More

Google Tweaks the Algorithm - Panda 4.0 Australian Analysis Project

Here at Prosperity Media we have been monitoring the SERP visibility for several sites in the Australian and Asia pacific markets.Now over the last 10 days many Australian SEO's have been posting about rankings movements in various markets, we have noticed some movements for some clients in specific markets so we will report on some initial findings.Matt Cutts has confirmed... Read More