How we are different to other agencies?

Point One – 100% transparency on all work completed.

Point Two – Full link-building reports each month, you actually see the links which are being built. We do not aim to hide any work we do, like many other SEO companies.

Point Three – We charge by the hour and itemise your invoice to provide transparency on how our time is being spent working on your project.

Point Four – Client education and knowledge sharing is important to us. We have been in the SEO field for over 8 years and we want to see clients and wider business teams expand their knowledge of SEO when they work with our agency.

Point Five – Full compliance with Google search quality guidelines.

Point Six – Strong record of results from clients such as the following:

  1. Increase unique traffic by 400,000 visitors a month
  2. Building a $64,000/month affiliate business
  3. Further Prosperity Media testimonials

Point Seven – You deal with a local team based in Australia, who you can meet with locally and build a great relationship with.